Home Delivery

Your health and well-being are our top priority at Optum. Our goal is to help you obtain your medications quickly and easily.

If you are not currently enrolled in home delivery:

The home delivery services we offer save you time, giving you one less thing to worry about. Moreover, the services help make certain you have the right medications at the right time.

  • Safe and convenient
  • No cost to you or your caregiver for up to a 90-day supply
  • Once approved, your order is shipped directly to your door.
  • If you need assistance enrolling in home delivery, please call the Optum PBM Home Delivery Team at 1-855-640-0005 option 2

If you are currently enrolled in home delivery:

How do I request refills of medications?

To request a refill, please use the 'Click if already enrolled' button. You should request two weeks prior to running out of your medication to ensure the prescription is processed and mailed in time. Should you need a new prescription because you are out of refills or the prescription is expired, please call your prescriber or CCE/NPN.

If you need assistance requesting a refill or would like to check the status please call:

  • OptumRx – non-specialty medications 1-855-855-8752
  • BriovaRx – specialty medications 1-855-427-4682

What is auto refill?

Auto refill, also known as Hassle Free Fill (HFF), is a customer service feature OptumRx Home Delivery pharmacy provides that allows members to automatically refill medication when it is due.

How do I sign up for auto refill?

You must call OptumRx to enroll in auto refill. Previously your physician or CCE/NPN may have done this for you, or it may have automatically been done for all of your prescriptions. Auto refill is only allowed for certain maintenance medications. This means medications that may be taken on an as needed basis may not be eligible for auto refill. Please contact OptumRx at 1-855-855-8752 with questions regarding auto refill.