Home Delivery

Your health and well-being are our top priority at Optum. Our goal is to help you obtain your medications quickly and easily.

If you are not currently enrolled in home delivery:

Click the link below to enroll in the Optum home delivery program. This program provides a convenient service to make sure your World Trade Center Health Program medications are delivered right to your door, when you need them.

The program:

  • Is safe and convenient
  • Delivers medication at no cost to you or your caregiver for up to a 90-day supply
  • Ships approved medications directly to your door

Contact the Optum PBM Home Delivery Team at 1-855-640-0005 Option 2, if you need assistance with enrolling.

If you are currently enrolled in home delivery:

Click the link to enter the OptumRx Home Delivery Portal.

The first time you use the OptumRx Home Delivery Portal, you will need to register.

Follow the directions to the right to complete your registration.


To Register on the OptumRx  Home Delivery Portal:

1. Click Register

2. Enter your:

  • World Trade Center Health Program 911 member ID
  • Date of birth and zip code (these must match what is in the OptumRx Home Delivery System)

3. Create a HealthSafe ID and password if you don’t already have one

If you need assistance with the OptumRx Home Delivery Portal, contact OptumRx
Home Delivery at 1-855-855-8752.
(For specialty medications, contact Optum Specialty at 1-855-427-4682)

Once registered with the OptumRx Home Delivery Portal you will be able to:
  • Order refills
  • Request new prescriptions (Except controlled substances, and NY controlled substances require a call to the prescriber.)
  • Set up auto refill
  • Check order status
  • Manage medication reminders
  • Sign up for paperless communications
  • Change shipping address
  • Update email address
  • Track a delivery
  • Find medication recalls and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) alerts
  • Activate text messages
  • Search medication information